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Jihee Han and Yoonho Seo. (2017). "Mobile robot path planning with surrounding point set and path improvement". Applied Soft Computing, 57, 35-47. 

Jihee Han and Yoonho Seo. (2017). "Mechanism to minimise the assembly time with feeder assignment for a multi-headed gantry and high-speed SMT machine". International Journal of Production Research, 55(10), 2930-2949. 

Yan Zheng, Yujie Xiao, and Yoonho Seo. "A hybrid heuristic algorithm for integrated problem of machine scheduling and unidirectional flow path design." International Journal of Industrial Engineering: Theory Applications and Practice 22.6 (2015): 717-728.

Dongphyo Hong, Yoonho Seo, Yujie Xiao  (Jan 2014) “A CONCURRENT APPROACH FOR FACILITY LAYOUT AND AMHS DESIGN IN SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING” International Journal of Industrial Engineering   Theory, Applications and Practice

Yan Zheng, Yujie Xiao, and Yoonho Seo. "A tabu search algorithm for simultaneous machine/AGV scheduling problem." International Journal of Production Research 52.19 (2014): 5748-5763.

Qiong Jia,  Yoonho Seo (Aug 2013) “ An improved p  swarm optimization for the resource-constrained project scheduling problem” International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Qiong Jia,  Yoonho Seo (Aug 2013) “ Solving resource-constrained project scheduling problems   Conceptual validation of FLP formulation and efficient permutation-based ABC computation” Computers & Operations Research

Yujie Xiao, Yoonho Seo, Minseok Seo  (Jul 2012) “A two-step heuristic algorithm for layout design of unequal-sized facilities with input/output points International Journal of Production Research”

Yoonho Seo,  Chulung Lee, Chiung Moon, (Jul 2007) “ Tabu search algorithm for flexible flow path design of unidirectional automated-guided vehicle systems” Operations Research-Spektrum

Yoonho Seo, Donmok Sheen,  Taioun Kim (Jan 2007)  “Block assembly planning in shipbuilding using case-based reasoning”  Expert Systems with Applications

Mitsuo Geno, Yoonho Seo(Sep 2006) “Special Issue on Computational Intelligence and Information Technology - Applications to Industrial Engineering - 33rd ICC & IE - Jeju Island, Korea, March 25-27, 2004 – Foreword”  Computers & Industrial Engineering

Yoonho Seo, Dongmok Sheen  (Sep 2006) “Integrated design of workcells and unidirectional flowpath layout” Computers & Industrial Engineering

Haipeng Zhang, Mitsuo Gen, Yoonho Seo (Aug 2006) “An effective coding approach for multiobjective integrated resource selection and operation sequences problem” Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing

Chiung Moon, Yoonho Seo, (Aug 2006) “Adaptive genetic algorithm for advanced planning in manufacturing supply chain”  Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing

Yoonho Seo, Dae-Young Kim, Suk-Hwan Suh (Feb 2006)  “Development of Web-based CAM system” International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Chiung Moon, Yoonho Seo (Oct 2005) “Advanced planning for minimizing makespan with load balancing in multi-plant chain”  International Journal of Production Research

Chiung Moonn, Yoonho Seo  (Mar 2005)  “Evolutionary algorithm for advanced process planning and scheduling in a multi-plant” Computers & Industrial Engineering


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