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Dongsu Jeong, Dohyun Kim, Yoonho Seo, "Research of the Ontology based Battlefield Scenario Generation System", Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Engineering 2016, 2016.11, Beijing, China

Jihee Han, Hyungjune Park and Yoonho Seo. (2016). "Path planning for a mobile robot using ant colony optimization and the influence of critical obstacle". Industrial Engineering and Operations Management: Proceedings of the IEOM Detroit Conference, Southfield, MI, USA, Sep 22-25.

Dongsu Jeong, Yoonho Seo, “Process-based Modeling for Performance Evaluation of Weapon Systems,” The 15th Asia Simulation Conference 2015, Vol. 8, 2015

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D.P. Hong D.P. Hong   Y. Seo Y. Seo (Jan, 2009)"A hybrid simulation Model for Manufacturing systems using event-state-operation transitions"  Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, 2008. IEEM 2008. IEEE International Conference on

Yoonho Seo, Chiung Moon, Young-Hoon Moon, Taioun Kim, Sung Shick Kim (July 2008) "Adapting genetic algorithm and tabu search approaches for unidirectional AGV flowpath design problems" Evolutionary Computation, 2008. CEC 2008. (IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence). IEEE Congress on 

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Donghwa Jeong and Yoonho Seo. "Layout design of variable size facilities with an input and output points using center of gravity and simulated annealing algorithm." Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings (2007): 357-359.

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Yoonho Seo, Dong-Pyo Hong, Insu Kim, Taioun Kim, Donmok Sheen, Gyu-Bong Lee (Jan 2005) "Structure modeling of machine tools and Internet-based implementation" Proceedings of the 37th Winter Simulation Conference, Orlando, FL, USA, December 4-7, 2005

Yoonho Seo  Tae-Hoon Choi   Suk-Hwan Suh(Feb 2000) "Web-based implementation of virtual machine tools" Science and Technology, 2000, KORUS 2000, Proceeding, The 4th Korea-Russia International Syposium on, Volume:3

Yoonho Seo (Feb 1999) "Automated design of manufacturing systems through virtual manufacturing modeling technique" Science and Technology, 1999. KORUS '99. Proceedings. The Third Russian-Korean International Symposium on, Volume: 1


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